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Executive Coaching

Situations you might be finding yourself in

  1. Maybe you have landed a new role that’s bigger or more complex than roles you’ve had so far?
  2. You’re not sure about how to approach a particular work challenge or opportunity?
  3. Perhaps you’re a bit frustrated that your career seems to have plateaued?
  4. Or maybe you’d like to position yourself more strongly for a future role or career move?
  5. Perhaps your recent performance discussions haven’t gone as well as you’d like them to?
  6. Or maybe you’ve received feedback that was a bit of a surprise or you weren’t so happy with?
  7. Perhaps you’re not gelling as well with your peers or you have a reputation with them that you’d like to shift?
  8. Or maybe you’re feeling as though you need some new techniques, frameworks or strategies to keep yourself fresh and current?

As a participant in a CEO succession program led by Elisa, I was struck by her empathy, insight and care. I have benefited greatly from her executive coaching both during the program and since. I highly recommend her as a strategic advisor and coach to senior executives who are facing leadership, succession, people and/or workforce challenges or transitions"

CEO of a major global airline

Indicators that coaching might be timely for you

  • Acknowledgement – Are you coming to realise that your current practices, impact and/or results are perhaps not working as well for you and could be enhanced?
  • Desire – Do you aspire to be a better leader, to get things done more easily and quickly through and with others and/or to work towards a greater purpose or legacy?
  • Openness – Are you receptive to new ways of doing things, challenging old ways, and a curiosity to explore and/or experiment?
  • Learning agility – Are you willing to pause, reflect, explore, apply, adapt and integrate?
  • Time – Are you ready to carve out time to invest in yourself?

“Elisa is my go-to coach for help to appreciably lift the leadership skills of senior leaders in the firm. I have seen meaningful change in those she has worked with. I like that Elisa takes time initially to focus on the ‘what’ – strategy, growth pillars, critical success factors and enablers but quickly then moves to the ‘how’. Importantly, Elisa also arms leaders with tools to navigate and lead through change more effectively. I have been very pleased and surprised to receive strong feedback on the development of those Elisa has coached and better outcomes have been reflected in stakeholder relationships and impact.”

National Senior Partner of KPMG

FutureCrafters’ 6 Cs - Areas we’ll focus on together include

  1. Chemistry – How well do we gel?  Do we share an affinity, curiosity or interpersonal connection?   Is there a natural fit on which we can build trust?
  2. Context - What’s the current situation you’re leading in?  What’s your role really all about?  What’s likely to happen in the next 12 months?  How has – and is – the situation changing?  What is this environment calling for from a leader if they are to be successful?
  3. Colleagues and partners – Who else is in play and is impacting individual and collective results?  How do others influence what gets done, and how?  Who is your reporting manager?  What’s important to them and what do they role model?
  4. Capabilities – What are your current capabilities?  Where are your strengths and stretch opportunities?   What evidence might we have?  What other sources of insight might we draw on?   What current frameworks and models do you draw on?  What has worked well for you in the past?
  5. Challenges – Based on your performance agreement, the cultural shifts your organisation is seeking to make and the leadership values, behaviours and expectations, where are your current and future stretch areas?  Where will you be most pushed to do things differently and/or tackle things you might not yet have encountered in the same way before?
  6. Change – What shift do you want to see post coaching?  What is the shift your manager wants to see?  What about your team/s?  What evidence will we have for this?  What will success look like?


Activities that you’ll likely experience in our work together include

  1. Coaching contract and goals – often through mini-assessments, goal setting activities and coaching placemats
  2. Assessments and inputs – often through collating prior data points and documents (eg, leadership assessments, feedback, performance documents, learning goals, etc), as well as “360 degree” discussions with manager/s, peers, team members, internal or external clients/customers or other partners or stakeholders, if appropriate
  3. Learning new models and frameworks – often through readings, videos, online learning courses, framework summaries curated especially for you
  4. Experiments and practice activities – often through trialling and testing new approaches and behaviours in real life situations
  5. Reflecting and adapting – often through learning insights journals, note-taking, mentor conversations, requests for feedback from stakeholders

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