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Gain the transparency you need to strengthen your people-and-culture governance and performance – for now, and the future.

With an objective picture of the risks and future-fitness of your workforce, you can then pinpoint just how future-ready your workforce is. And to track this over time, you need only the most relevant information, based on the right few measures, delivered in a way that informs the right decisions, at the right time.

The Illuminate Solution gives you insights into your current and future people risks - and opportunities. We work with the Board, CEO, Executive team and People & Culture Leader to:

  • Select the right metrics for your PeopleFit governance dashboard
  • Establish your risk appetite as dashboard indicators
  • Enhance the quality of the underlying people data and information
  • Ensure the expertise, resources and mechanisms are in place to support good people governance

FutureCrafters’ PeopleFit Illuminate Framework

We guide you through the steps below to give you a clear, objective picture of the future-fitness of the workforce, and help you put in place what’s needed so that your vision never gets clouded.

  1. Identify - Review the current people indicators and underlying data sources being used by the Board and Executive.
  2. Inquire - Explore and confirm the people metrics most critical to your organisation’s strategic direction, and likely future workforce scenarios.
  3. Inform - Build a tailored people-fit governance dashboard, and work with you and your stakeholders to validate and strengthen the data sources and mechanisms that inform it.
  4. Install - Guide the implementation of your dashboard so that it works as it should, and that the underlying quality of data and its sophistication improves over time.
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